Month: November 2020

  • Digital Printing Process with Latest Technology

    Digital Printing Process with Latest Technology - Arab Packages Pvt Ltd

    Litho Printing  Litho printing may be a traditional method, still used today. Digital printing is often a way cheaper and faster alternative printing counting on your requirements. Digital printing may be a newer process to the planet of printing, involving complex computing telling the machine the way to create the image on paper. The digital printer will analyze this image and print it directly onto your chosen surface. Digital […]

  • How Your Product Packaging Can Win Buyers’ Hearts

    A good product package isn’t trash; it’s a powerful extension of your brand.Product packaging has a major influence on consumer buying decisions that you should take into account when you work with a design team.Certain colors and images can evoke moods and inspire feelings in customers that you can leverage to improve sales.Product packaging is […]